The Schedule

Due to the new Corona regulations, we need to close the studio from November 2nd.

Most classes will be taught on zoom, check the schedule pdf below. Please keep using the doodle list so we know who is attending. We hope to see you online 😉

The schedule for November 16th – 29th is HERE.
And the relevant Doodle list is HERE.

If your have any questions or you need the zoom link, email us and we will provide further details.

Mysore Style
This individual form of practice allows the supportive attention on the student’s individual needs and possibilities. Mysore classes reflect the essence of the Ashtanga Yoga practice. Each student is practicing in his/her own rhythm, listening to the sound of the breath and the attention is turned inward. In this way yoga becames a meditation through movement.

The teacher supports with individual “hands-on adjustments”, thus correcting and helping them to learn the asanas of the series with all details. Open to all levels of practitioners, beginners are welcome.

Sunday Led Class
to attend this class you should have established a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice and you should be familiar with the “Primary Series” at least until Navasana (boat position).

A gentle guided class, with the focus on relaxation and on grounding yourself during the practice. It is a balance to the demanding practice of Ashtanga Yoga and everybody is welcome to join and to experience a different way to practice Yoga.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a quiet practice which emphasizes on holding longer time in each pose while encouraging the entire body to relax. The stretch is passive and we are using the weight of the body to provide traction to the tissues, especially deep connective tissues in-between muscular layers and the surrounding joints. Typically, each pose is maintained for 3 to 5 minutes.  Yin Yoga targets the joints by encouraging more opening and spaciousness in each joint. Therefore, people usually feels more freedom of movement after each practice. The body also naturally feels lighter and more relax.

Meditation / Zazen

we offer Meditation in the mornings before the Myoser class. The sitting is inspired by Zen practice. Zen practice is sitting in the moment, observing the breath. This practice supports an increased awarness of the breath in the body and the movements of the mind.


we teach Pranayama on an individuel Level to comitted students. If you are interested in a Pranayama Practice please ask about advice. In workshops and special afternoons we will introduce the foundaition for this strong practice.