For Beginners

Quick introduction

Ashtanga Yoga is a challenging Yoga method. Hence, in order to establish a safe and solid Yoga practice, it is essential to practise a few times a week, starting with 2 to 3 times if you’re new to Yoga. Doing a little bit more often is better than one long session only once a week. It is important to build your practice over a longer period of time and slowly add on postures as you progress.

Please note the follwing Studio guidelines:

· Beginners are welcome to attend all Mysore classes. Please e-mail us before your first visit

· We offer a Beginners-Special for new students, where you can come to class as much as you like for 4 weeks

· We recommend you take at least one of our introduction-workshops in the first few weeks of your practice. Introduction workshops are offered roughly every two months.

· For your first time, please arrive at the Studio ten minutes prior to the start of class. The morning classes have flexible starting times, see the timetable for details.

· Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach in order not to put strain on the digestive system. This means the last meal should be eaten at least two hours, big meals at least four hours before the practice.

· We recommend taking a hot shower or bath before practicing Yoga. This is not only an ideal warm-up for your muscles but also supports the detoxifying effects of the Ashtanga practice. In order not to disturb these processes it is recommended not to have a shower immediately after the practice. Whenever possible, one should wait for at least one hour before having a shower or bath. If you have to go directly to work, you can of course, have a shower. Don’t however, skip your hot shower before your practice.)

· Please bring a towel and your own yogamat. If you do not have a mat, you can borrow one from the studio. You are welcome to store your own mat at the studio.

· Please feel free to ask your teacher if you have any questions or experience any difficulties concerning your practice. The practice can bring up old injuries or blockages, so if you experience any unfamiliar changes or feelings you don’t know how to deal with, please talk to your teacher about it.

· Have fun!